Go Green

Code of Ethics

We have developed a Code of Ethics (see here), for English version please click here in which our values ​​are clearly defined, so that they can constitute the basic element of our corporate culture and the standard of behavior of all our collaborators during the conduct of their business . The company has decided to invest in respect for the environment and people, making sustainability the new lever on which to focus. The “go green” imperative, a culture of environmental and social responsibility, is officially entering the company, aware that the current trend is much more than a reputation strategy, but the result of a new vision. We are sure that sustainability is the company policy, for years we have been self-producing energy thanks to solar photovoltaic panels on the roof and the ground system and since 2013 we have undertaken a new project with a non-profit organization : the Responsible Jewelery Council (see here).


In 2010, we decided to self-produce energy through the construction of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of our factory by replacing the previous roof made of fiber cement, material harmful to human health and the environment. Always in line with the protection of the environment, in 2011 we built a ground system consisting of 1 MW photovoltaic cells, obtaining about 2/3 more of our energy needs. Thanks to the construction of the two plants, in one year we obtained the following results:

CO₂ emissions avoided: 770.828 Kg

Total energy produced: 1,452,770 kWh

Equivalent trees: 100,259

Liters of oil avoided: 316,538 L

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The policies we have adopted are as follows:

The annual sustainability report is available by e-mail upon request info@neriromualdo.it