1994 – carabiner with diamond

it’s an International patented carabiner which it can be set with rubies, diamonds, sapphires and zircons.

The particularity consists in the stone who acts as a hinge for the opening.

The object resists a traction five times higher than that of the traditional closures and its opening is user friendly thanks to the button. Finally, the bracelets can be closed without help and without damaging the nails.


2002 – K20 chain

It’ a patented chain, formed by a particular gold bar set between

the meshes that creates precious light effects.

The K20 chain is available in various sizes and colors and also in diamond-cut version.


2005 – Gold Silver Soul

It’s a procedure for obtaining jewels made of coated silver from a thin layer of gold.

And what about the result?

A low-cost jewel with a resistant core and a precious surface. Great!